Society for the Advancment of
Adverse Outcome Pathways (SAAOP)

Rights and Responsibilites for AOPWiki Developers

By logging into the AOP-Wiki as a developer you accept the following rights and responsibilities:

- Developers gain the right to enter original content into the AOP-Wiki. This includes creation of new AOP pages, KE pages, KER pages, etc.
- Developers gain the right to link their AOP pages to existing content in the AOP-Wiki (e.g., KE and KER pages).
- Developers gain the right to modify, add-to, or revise the content of existing KE and KER pages that they may choose to link to their AOP(s), provided they notify the primary originator/creator of the KE or KER page regarding changes to the page(s).
- Developers gain the right to restore the original content of any pages they create which are subsequently altered or modified without permission and/or in a manner that disrupts their original use/applicability.
- Developers gain the right to grant “open access” to any of the pages they originated, allowing other AOP developers to contribute to those pages without notification.
- Developers have the right to “abandon” their AOP development project. Abandoning the project makes all pages, created by the developer, open access to any other contributors to the AOP-Wiki or to deletion by SAAOP “gardeners”.
- Developers gain the right to seek assistance from the SAAOP and affiliated AOP development mentors in clarifying questions related to the guidance and conventions of AOP development and technical aspects of working within the AOP-Wiki. Assistance will be provided via an electronic forum which registered developers can access.
- Developers assume responsibility to read the Users’ Handbook Supplement to the Guidance Document for Developing and Assessing AOPs before entering content into the AOP-Wiki and endeavour to follow the guidance, principles and conventions as described in them to the best of their ability
- Developers assume responsibility to use the AOP-Wiki in a professional and collegial manner. Content within the AOP-Wiki should not be used to promote persons or commercial products, nor should it be used to launch personal attacks on other developers or users.
- Developers assume responsibility for properly attributing all scientific content entered in the AOP-Wiki through citation and referencing of primary source materials.
- Developers assume responsibility to avoid the creation of redundant content
- Wherever feasible, developers should link to existing KE and/or KER pages rather than creating new pages.
- Gardeners will assist if KE or KER pages subsequently need to be split or merged as they become better defined.
- Developers assume responsibility for working collegially with other AOP developers to modify/update the content of KE and/or KER pages in a manner that facilitates sharing by multiple AOPs and/or notifying SAAOP gardeners if reversion of page content or separation of pages is needed.
- Developers assume responsibility to acknowledge the contributions of other AOP developers (if any) to any content they may cite in a peer-reviewed publication, report, or similar document that refers to or cites content of the AOP-Wiki.